Our society's cultural dependence on images may have caused artificiality of our identities. We are not even sure what are the things that really make us who we are as we have been constantly changing and evolving through influences of environments, information, experiences, choices, and people we encounter with everyday. We can imagine that our identities could be seen as a series of collective acts of artificial performance that we chose to play in order to please the audiences who are passing by our lives. If so, are our identities simply the external representation of our personality, sexuality, and nationality which seemed as a provisional and constantly in progress? Are we who we are because we chose to be or made to be? We believe that our identities are socially constructed, diverse, and constantly changing. For this reason, our identities will always depend on the types of masks and hats that we decide to put on and will function like the synthesized product between various environments and choices. Therefore, from the scientific point of view, our genetic structure passed on from our loving parents (DNA) is intuitively the only thing in ourselves that does not change over time. So who are we? What could we be? Who do we want to be? To find the answer, SYNC YOUR PERSONA.


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