Lindsay Ryklief is one of Seoul’s most prolific and interesting characters in the Seoul scene. As a born collaborator and formidable creative, LIGRYE eloquently juggles the life of a DJ, promoter, brand owner, and artist. LIGRYE is also a key DJ for Seoul’s underground venues, art and fashion scene (GQ, Louis Vuitton, Seoul Fashion Week) all while supporting icons, such as Virgil Abloh, ARCA, Yaeji, and Peggy Gou. His close connections to Seoul’s subcultures shine brightly through his work as a photographer, with photos capturing the youthful spirit, cutting edges, and individuality found in the city’s fashion, street, and music cultures. 


However, Ryklief’s biggest claim to the industry comes through his role as an auteur of BOYS OF SEOUL - the series started with the core mission of redefining ideas of Asian masculinity. The project offers viewers a complex yet simple, alternative view into the Asian male form, a view that is often underrepresented in mainstream media today. Boys of Seoul aims to create a sense of fragility and vulnerability while exploring relationships that exist on multiple levels. Through a mix of both film and digital photography, Ligrye focuses on celebrating each subjects's individuality, form, and spirit. The project effectively blurs the lines between the depiction of men's strength, beauty, and character, resulting in a surreal narrative of each model’s persona of the modern standard idea of what masculinity means.


LIGRYE's work as a fearless creative in Seoul has been featured in both local and international press including; NOWNESS, NOWNESS ASIA, Metal Magazine, ID magazine US, Poland, Japan and Mexico, OkayAfrica, and more.