SYNC [온라인] 

SNYC [ON] offers online/digital services for film and print production in Seoul, both on site at SYNC STUDIO and off site. With a team of in-house DOP’s and multidisciplinary specialists, [ON] is able to provide a uniquely vast array of services – from producing an entire shoot ranging from campaigns, editorial, brand look-books, e-commerce, visual direction, fashion films, set design, staff arrangement to simply providing appropriate production support as needed. On a consumer basis level, still capture services such as digitals, portraiture, mini-capsule, test shoots, fulfilling personal projects, SNS content creation in various output.



SYNC [오프라인] 

SYNC [OFF] offers offline, tangible services for the creative community. Hosting workshops, artist talk and meet-ups, exhibitions, and space rental. Providing real-time interaction between the artists and individuals bridging the gap, giving insight into their creative process and mindset of the creator. Complimentary on the house, organizing social events, creating live experiences for brands, organizations, and individual clients: including product launches, press events, film screenings, catering, retail pop-ups, intimate concerts and many more.

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SYNC [협업] 

SYNC [COLLAB] offers a fully-integrated approach to its brand and creative collaborations: rooted in the realm of photography, film, social media, digital entertainment, image licensing, experience development, product/service consulting, and bespoke strategy. Artist management strategy focused on introducing artists, illustrators, designers, directors, to freely collaborate with like-minded creatives. Emphasis on connecting and collecting information, resulting into collaboration and co-creation. Mediating the fruition process of creating something valuable greater than the self, in consideration of the whole.


SYNC [스타일] 

SYNC [STYLE] offers a total beauty and style solution comprised of fashion styling, hair and makeup. Accommodating everything affiliated from fashion shoots, cosmetics, commercials, music video, youtube, portraiture and any means necessary. Specialized makeovers for individuals simply wanting to feel themselves and flourish their inner beauty and fashion sense.